Leagh Farm

Weekly Veg Boxes

We offer a 'Set Seasonal Box' or a 'Choice Box'. Both are dependent on availability of produce. They are delivered locally from June to October. Send an email for more details to, leaghfarm@gmail.com.

At the start of the season we offer a set seasonal vegetable box. This typically contains 4-6 items of veg in season at that time. In June that may be; 100g mixed salad, 100g spinach, 500g new potatoes, bunch of spring onions, green garlic, swiss chard, new season peas, as an example.

Later in the season, typically from July onwards, we offer both the set seasonal box and a 'Choice Box'. The 'Choice Box' allows you to choose vegetables from a list sent to you of what's fresh on the farm that week.

The Veg boxes are delivered locally in the north Kerry area.

Drop us an email at leaghfarm@gmail.com for more details or to sign up

***New Season Starting June 2023***

Set box - Delivered€ 20
Choice Box - Starts at€ 18